About Us

Freddie Forelock

We are a family firm with horses and ponies at the heart of everything we do.

Freddie Forelock is our mascot and sums up what Forelock Books is all about.

A life long family pony, small, strong, versatile, fun, independent and headstrong.

Follow Freddie and his friend through his weekly blog

Michelle Charman is the founder and publisher. She has spent almost 30 years working for the UK’s largest publishing houses and even more years involved with ponies and horses. Horse adventure is in her blood, a passion inherited from her grandfather who was a jockey in the 1930’s. She is the proud owner of an ex-show-jumper, turned Dressage horse and Cross-country adventurer ‘One Lady’ and she has been inspired by pony-stories from a very young age.

Philip Charman looks after the boring side of the business, while Michelle is busy riding and meeting other book and pony enthusiasts.

Maisie Charman is the family dog. She loves to come along to horse and pony events where she can meet Forelock fans and followers.

One Lady is a KWPN, she is 16.3hh an ex-show jumper and very demanding of attention. Like Freddie she is very headstrong and has some great horsey stories to tell. Find out more about her on our Facebook Page.

Hoarce Charman is the office cat. He’s ginger and white and can often be found sleeping on the latest Forelock manuscript.