Meet Hamish the Clydesdale

Meet Hamish, the newest member of the Forelock Family. Hamish (pronounced Hay-mish) is a Clydesdale and stands at 18hh!!!

Apart from his height one of the most striking things you will notice about Hamish, is the size of his feet!! He takes the biggest size shoe carried by his farrier, a whopping size EIGHT!

Hamish McForelock gets new shoes Small

We recently ran a competition to win one of Hamish’s shoes by guessing his weight. We had loads of guesses, ranging from 700kgs to 980kgs. His actual weight was 856kg, which is very heavy. An average sack of feed weighs about 20kg, so Hamish weighs almost as much as 43 bags of feed. If you think how hard it is to lift ONE bag of feed, imagine lifting 43!

The Forelock Books designer has already created a caricature of Hamish McForelock and he will be joining the Forelock Family range of bookmarks.


Hamish is ridden out most days and often goes to shows during the summer, so we will give everyone regular updates on what he’s up to and which shows he’s going to, if you would like to meet him.

Next week Hamish will be getting a visit from the vet.