Shetland pony magic

It’s fair to say that I’m a ‘bit-of-a-lad’ as far as Shetland ponies go. You know, I like my mares, both Daisy the Fjord pony and Maisie the Thoroughbred speed-machine. I love fighting with Smokey my mate, we rear up and box each other with our hooves – he does have a slight advantage over me though, as he’s a good 5hh taller and wears metal shoes. Suffice to say, I have a few war wounds on my face where Smokey has caught me. I was a bit worried about Ava and Poppy  seeing me with a bashed-up face, they might assume it was me that started the fights…but it was Smokey, I promise.“ Ahhhhh, look at Freddie!” Poppy cried when she saw me.“He looks like Harry Potter, look Ava, Freddie has scars like Harry Potter the wizard!”

Both Ava and Poppy crowded around my magical scars believing me to have wizardly powers.

“Freddie is a pony wizard!” they exclaimed.

     wandShetland Stars

And with that I waved my wand and we all flew through the forest on a rainbow with golden stars in my mane and tail. (OK, we waded through the forest with the mud up to my belly – but it was still fun!).

When we got back I tried a little more magic to summon my dinner. “Accio” I called as I waved my hoof in the air and would you believe it, Poppy appeared with a bucket full of goodies.

If you are inspired by Freddie’s magical antics, why not read ‘Spirit and the Magic Horsebox’ an amazing tale of time-travelling teenagers Megan and Josh who go in search of Spirit a stallion lost somewhere in history. Suitable for adventurous boys and girls from 10yrs+

Laura Quigley