Can you see the Bluebells?

What I LOVE about this time of year is all the fantastically tasty things to eat. There are little green shoots of grass, tender plants of cow parsley and even the hedges have yummy morsels in them – so I try and get as much stuffed into me as possible, even when we are out on a ride.
The Big Boring One and Poppy were cooing over how beautiful all the bluebells were when we hacked through the forest, but you can’t eat them so my eyes were on the look-out for something delicious. As we were walking down a steep hill, I saw it there on the ground – some young, green shoots which had fallen from a tree, so I quickly put my head down to snaffle it….and lo and behold, Poppy slid off down my neck and head first into the mud! I wondered what on earth she was doing there. I felt so bad for losing my little rider that I didn’t eat the shoots and nuzzled her to say sorry.
Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 20.04.00

Poppy in the Bluebells

I couldn’t have been that naughty as The Big Boring one was stifling her giggles, trying to be a caring Mummy to Poppy – but squealing with laughter as well. Oh, well, that’s how those little ones learn isn’t it? I am just doing my job making Poppy into a BRILLIANT rider!
Can anyone guess which Forelock adventure I’ve been reading this week? It’s a great story about two every-day (but very talented) ponies called Bluebell and Barney, a handsome Arab called Sultana, a wild, tempestuous horse called Dragon and the humans who seem to take after their equines… yes you’ve guessed it’s ‘All that Glitters’ written by none other than KM Peyton herself.
Suitable for boys and girls of all ages 8yrs+
All that Glitters
Available direct from Forelock Books or as Kindle version from Amazon.