After a long hot day in a dusty field, what better than a cool refreshing bath!

Freddie is still missing his friends Ava and Poppy since they moved abroad, but he regularly keeps up to date by reading ‘The Boring One’s‘ blog. He’s a bit jealous that they have a new pony called ‘Spot’ but Freddie can’t complain because he has two new friends of his own… a beautiful, kind young girl called ‘Zoe’ and her pony ‘George‘.

We met Zoe in Freddie’s last blog and since then she’s been very busy enjoying the summer holidays. As you all know Shetland ponies can be tricky to ride, they may be small but they have big personalities and like to do their own thing. Even proficient riders can have trouble controlling the Shetland pony. Freddie is one of those Shetland ponies! He’s very kind and loves cuddles and kisses, but he likes to grab the limelight at every opportunity, which is why ‘The Big Boring One‘  usually kept him on the lead rein.

Zoe handles Freddie well but at the moment she prefers to get to know him, on the ground. Freddie doesn’t complain, he loves attention of any kind and is quite happy to stand while Zoe gives him some spa treatment.


Bathing Freddie is HARD WORK, there’s a lot of him! He has a big round belly and a BIG BUSHY mane and tail. He also likes to roll a lot, so is very dusty under his thick, dense coat.

Zoe works very hard to get Freddie clean and soon she’s as wet as he is.


But Freddie’s grey coat is gleaming and both of them are cool and smelling of flowers.

It doesn’t take long for Freddie to get dirty all over again though. As soon as he goes out into the field, he’s rolling in the dust!!

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