Boom boom boom…

I’m sorry for hijacking Freddie’s blog but I had to tell you about the terrifying schooling session I had to endure today. I was happily grazing in the field with my boyfriend, Stuart, when my human arrived. I didn’t hear her arrive because there was a lot of shooting noise coming from the woods behind our field. I wasn’t too bothered by the noise because Stu didn’t seem interested, neither did Bobby or Billy (the goats) and even the chickens seemed unbothered.

After going back and forth with a wheelbarrow full of poo and bedding, human finally came over to my gate. She called my name and seemed to be holding out a treat in her hand. I thought about it for a minute but then decided that one treat wasn’t enough of an incentive to walk all the way over to the gate, only to be caught and taken in. Human disappeared and then returned with a bucket. I still wasn’t sure but I saw Stu heading over to the gate and I was worried he was going to get all the goodies, so I broke into a trot and beat him to the gate. I was tricked! There were only a handful of nuts in the bucket, nothing worth being caught for.

Once caught I was put in my stable. The gunfire sounded louder in there, human was trying to groom me but I had to keep moving, keep my wits, watch out for any incoming missiles. Human was getting annoyed but she didn’t understand how important it was that I kept an eye out.

Oh no! I should have guessed here comes the saddle, she wants to RIDE! Doesn’t she realise how dangerous it is out there without the rest of the heard. What IS she thinking?

She takes me up and heads for the school. Boom, boom, boom the guns are still going off and we’re headed towards them, is she mad? We enter the school and not only are there guns to the left but to the right, behind the hedge is another house and there are CHILDREN running around loose in the garden. This is just TOO much. Human is trying to get on, “Stand still, Stand still, Stand” but all I can hear are children screeching and guns going off. She gives up trying to get on as I spin around in circles, trying to keep an eye on every corner of the school. She holds on to the very end of my reins and picks up a POLE, what on earth is she thinking now? She pulls out 3 poles from behind the boards and places them in a line, then makes another attempt to get on. This time I hesitate for a few seconds and she’s on.

Maybe this is some sort of obstacle course, I need to avoid the left side of the school in case we get shot , avoid the hedge in case a child escapes and avoid the poles in case I fall over them. OK I finally get it, she wants me to dodge left, right, then straight up the middle, before spinning round and repeating on the way back down the school.

I was right! We reach the gate, she gets off and leads me back to the stable.

Lady Forelock.

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