Broken Buttons, Missing Chaps and a Celebrity Hitch-hiker.

Life in our house is certainly never dull.

It’s always quite exciting in the build up to opening meet.

Our ponies and ‘Bob the Cob’ are clipped again, tails and manes pulled, they look really clean and smart.

But (there’s always a but)

On Friday morning I was woken by my mum screeching some words that she doesn’t like me to use. It turns out that she sent her hunt coats to the dry cleaners back in March and picked them up a week later, took them home and hung them in the wardrobe.

What she hadn’t seen was that her inscribed hunt buttons had melted during the dry cleaning. There were bits of white all over the buttons and her coats.


Melted button

If I’m honest she seemed really very angry and upset.

I left for school and when I got home she was smiling, as she’d managed to restore her buttons with crayon and nail varnish. It’s strange what makes adults happy.

Magic tools

Just like new

There was a lot of excitement for opening meet, mummy reminded us every day this week to make sure everything was ready for Saturday so imagine how happy she was when we got to parking and I could only find one chap!

There were at least 6 in the lorry but no matching pairs, mummy shouted a bit. Eventually I found a chap for each leg, they didn’t match but it avoided any further distress.

My friend’s dad is one of the Hunt masters, he had a nasty fall on his horse at opening meet and his horse needed to go to the horse hospital in their lorry, leaving my friends’ ponies with no way of getting home.


My mum loves sorting out a problem and this was an emergency situation, which is just what she loves. The answer was simple, we could squeeze 6 ponies in a 4 horse lorry, if one travelled with us in the grooms area!

After all, one of the ponies that needed a lift was none other than the world famous mini Shetland Pony ‘Obi’ who features in the Shetland Pony Book. He’s used to travelling in style, he was jolly happy up front and we thought it was hilarious.

Celebrity pony

Obi travelling up front

Fortunately he didn’t do a poo!

Mummy says he’s actually cleaner than us.


Our featured book this week has to be ‘Shetland Pony’ a fabulous book with 400 pages, beautiful photographs (including several of Obi, taken by and bursting with interesting information.