Freddie says a fond farewell

Hi Folks, Freddie here,

Sorry I haven’t written for a while, my computer has broken – all this rain we’ve been having completely ruined my keyboard and I have had to get to new one!

It’s like October out there, I am permanently covered in a fantastic layer of mud which I think suits me well. Ava and Poppy have other ideas and insist on brushing it all off -but I don’t mind at all as I LOVE being groomed and being groomed means I can race straight back out into the field and get covered in mud, all over again! Ava and Poppy no longer despair as they watch me rolling about, they just watch from the gate, laughing.

shetland pony

I seem to be getting a lot of extra attention these days; there are apple cores from the children’s lunchboxes, polo’s after the ride, lots of extra special cuddles and even my tack has been cleaned. I hear on the grapevine that Ava and Poppy are moving somewhere hot and sunny – and I don’t think they are taking me!!!

I have been behaving myself perfectly to make sure they have a lovely time before they go and hoping they will change their minds. I will miss them so much as we have had so many hilarious adventures together and I have watched them grow in size and confidence. The BIG ONE said I was like ‘Nanny McPhee‘… When the girls want me, but no longer need me, it’s time to let them go…or something like that. I have looked after them, challenged them and taught them all I know, now it’s time to let them go, so they can have adventures of their own.

Hopefully, another new little person will take me on and I can continue to educate children in how a real horse should be looked after. In the meantime I have lots of wonderful memories.

Ava and Poppy said they will be taking the whole Forelock Book range away with them. They have read most of them but can’t wait to read them again and again, reminding them of some of our adventures and enabling them to create new adventures for themselves.

Forelock have pony adventures for girls and boys of all ages and they only chose the best, so you’re guaranteed a GREAT read.

Forelock Books