Half-term mayhem and high jinks

Half term was pretty busy, I’ve gone back to school for a rest.

Friends, family, falls and fun

The week started with my mum getting the lorry stuck in a field not once but twice!
The second time it was when we went hunting, she (as usual) was the first lorry to arrive and did wonder if it was a good idea to park it in a field after all the rain. Mum got out, inspected the field and apparently decided she was going to try.
She got in the lorry and said “Hold your horses!” then she sped into the field as fast as the Lorry would go.

It got stuck!!!!

Onlookers said  Sas and I were hanging onto the dashboard for dear life, but mummy says it wasn’t that fast or that scary. Fortunately, the lovely Barry who looks after the lorries and trailers whilst we’re off having fun got a tractor to pull the lorry out and delivered it to where we finished.
I’ve got quite a small room and I’ve wondered for a while why my bed seems so small, well it turns out that I’ve been sleeping in a toddler bed.

A toddler bed!!!

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Well, we had a discussion and made a plan to redecorate my room, so over half term we cleaned, painted, gave the toddler bed away. Then bought a new bed which is super comfortable and a new duvet and unicorn covers.
My mum’s friend Hayley offered her husband Will to build a wardrobe in the alcove. which now looks amazing and holds all my clothes. My bedroom is now a purple unicorn snuggly paradise.

I probably shouldn’t tell you this but my mum is a secret agent in her spare time, namely ‘Agent Trauma nurse’.  She reports on all the tumbles when we are out hunting, she makes it sound really funny, I’m known as ‘Mini trauma nurse’ and occasionally get a mention.

This week we practically had a festival of tumblers, on Monday India fell off and hit a tree, then Scarlett somersaulted down her ponies neck and ended up stuck like a turtle on its shell.
I also saw someone get totally dumped in a stubble field when his horse decided it was a rodeo not a Hunt. Quite exciting but a bit scary too (don’t worry no-one had more than a bruise).

We’ve also been to a Fireworks party, an Halloween party, went for a ride on the downs where we cantered for ever,

and my friend Chloe came for a sleepover.
Next Saturday is our opening meet so mummy is hard at work with a massive list of jobs to clip, pull manes and clean boots and tack, don’t worry I’ll help her too.

If you fancy a bit of mayhem and adventure of your own, I recommend reading Spirit & The Magic Horsebox, it’s full of ghoulish adventure and scary moments.