Freddie the Little Pony Racer

I was properly excited to see the girls today. We have been having so much fun together that I whinnied a welcome to them and ran up and down my fence, impatient to be caught. I jig-jogged all the way into the yard, knowing that soon we would be bombing around the forest without a lead rein on!
And that is exactly what we did.
The Big Boring One kept saying how ‘keen’ I was today and kept telling Ava to sit up in case I shot off. I always try to tip her forward, it makes us much more streamlined and ready for a gallop, but Ava had other ideas and was doing a good job slowing me down, so we bounced along in a half trot, half canter.
The Big One (she’s not so boring now that she lets me go fast without being attached to her!) could see I was ready to go faster and finally suggested a canter…I got rather excited and heard Ava squeak with trepidation up top, so I was put back on the lead rein again, before we charged off up the track.
Woweeee Mummy, was that a gallop?” Ava asked, grinning when we finally slowed down.
“Sure felt like it!” she replied, her face the colour of raspberry jelly and puffing like puffed-out puffer fish. Although, when we got back to the yard Ava couldn’t stop laughing at me – apparently we were going so fast that my forelock blew straight up in the air and stuck that way! 
Wild hair

Wild hair

Same again next week please!
Now, I’m sure you can all guess which book I’ve been reading this week. Yes, you’ve guessed right it’s PONY RACER by Lucy Johnson. It’s suitable for boys, girls and ponies that like to go really FAST and who are very brave.
I wonder if Ava wants to enter me in a race, I’ve heard rumour of a Pony Club meet at Wincanton racecourse very soon. Although I think the Big One will hold us back if she insists on hanging on to the rope and running alongside.