Shetland pony is let off the lead rein!

It appears that I am FREEEEEE! No more lead rein for me because ‘The Big Boring One’ has finally let Ava ride me all on her own.
Off the lead rein
She let me off the lead rein last week as well, but I thought it was a one-off occasion – but it seems that I am to be trusted to be free, to do whatever I want!

I’m only joking, I promise to look after Ava and not be too cheeky. I can feel that Ava is so much more confident up there, she has been having lots of lessons on less-naughty ponies and now reckons she can handle a pint-sized Shetland such as me!

in the woods
It’s brilliant actually, I really love being off the lead rein and I now feel like all the big horses that hack around the forest . There is no one hanging on to me and I only have to listen to one person; the one on top!
We had a little trot and it took all my restraint not to canter up the hill, Ava did well not to hang on to my mouth but also to not let me charge off. I guess she is the boss now and not just a passenger – but that’s cool, coz I got lots of cuddles and kisses afterwards for being such a brilliant pony (which I have always known I was).
way home
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