A Trip or Two to Casualty!


Apparently on Monday morning mummy thought that this week was a bit quiet for us, surviving another weekend and not having much planned.

I think this was where it might have all gone WRONG.

We were having a nice week, we had our Pony Club AGM on Friday, mummy stood at the back of the hall chatting to her friend Tina, whilst eating the apparently delicious Brie, she ate Tina’s too as Tina is a proper athlete and mummy wanted to make sure she didn’t have that temptation.

Saskia won the ‘Eventing Trophy‘, she was very happy, apparently she was the only Crawley and Horsham member to reach a championship. Saskia is very pleased, it’s almost like she’s won an Olympic medal.

Pony club AGM

Proud Sister

Saturday was fun, we were out Hunting, my mum’s friend asked to borrow Revel for her daughter Charlotte. Revel and Charlotte had a fantastic time… until the DITCH.


There was a fall and quite a lot of mud involved but no injuries.

Then we got to Monday……

It was all quite normal, me and mummy went to get the horses in at about 5pm, it was dark, but that’s normal and we had a torch. We were leading the horses down the track when we heard motorbikes. Mummy started shouting as they didn’t have lights and our horses were going CRAZY. The motorbikes stopped but mummy was holding on to two scared horses and was pretty cross as the motorbikes were scaring the horses and were not allowed on the bridleway.

I just saw mummy running at the motorbikes, she was shouting quite a lot, the riders looked quite scared, mummy says she doesn’t think they’ll do it again.

Her little finger is injured and she was in A&E at Redhill, when she got a phone call from school to say that Anna (my eldest sister) had fallen down stairs at school and needed an x ray.

So, they BOTH spent the afternoon in Hospital! Anna has a hairline fracture of her fibula and mummy has pulled all the ligaments in her finger. They’re both in splints. Its like ‘CASUALTY‘ in our house.


Mummy says she’s never ever going to think her week is quiet ever again!

This week’s featured book is ‘Pony Tails’ by Sue Jameson because there’s a great story about a Welsh Cob, a Mum that ends up in A&E and a group of bikers on Exmoor. 
Pony Tails

Pony Tails by Sue Jameson