Martha’s Slime factory

Who likes slime? I love slime! If you want to know how to make it, like my post on the Forelock Books Facebook page and if I get enough likes, I’ll let you know.

So much to do.

Nothing completely crazy has happened in the last couple of weeks, but life has just been incredibly busy in the run up to Christmas.

There have been musical performances, artistic performances, and stroppy performances!

Lots of lights going up outside houses (we’ve managed a star) and a lot of excitement about Christmas. My class is doing a secret Santa and collecting for Syria, I’ve been asked to bring toothbrushes in and Mummy has bought a pack, I just can’t imagine how horrible it must be there.

We are all looking forward to Christmas day hoping for lots of presents, I’ve asked for snuggly purple unicorn presents so fingers crossed Santa gets my letter, we’ve decorated our tree and put lots of tinsel up.

Hunting has been lots of fun but we had a week off as the hounds had a bit of a cough, they’re all fine now though. Last Saturday my friend Emily got dumped  n a freezing lake! Her mum and sister all fell off too but fortunately they landed in the rushes, it was all pretty scary but everyone was safe and warm in the end.

Revel my little 11:2 Welshie has gone for a Christmas holiday with our friends and she is going to have lots of fun and get to do lots of hunting which she will love. She’s back with us after the holidays though.

Loki our cat has been joined by a younger cat called Charlie, they both still enjoy midnight partying but are very snuggly and we all think they are just incredibly huggable and they make our house a home.

Slime.. my new favourite thing, my friends have all been making it I’ve managed to get all the ingredients in Tesco and I’m currently producing it in my bedroom, it just really fun and satisfying to squige the slime around in your hand. Though if I get any on the carpet mummy says she is binning it.

Mummy is on a mission to make our house lighter and brighter, she’s put about 6 new mirrors up lots of pictures and apparently very excitingly for mummy…. A dishwasher.

The installation was a bit hairy with a gas pipe being mistakenly cut whilst mummy was at work but everything was sorted in the end, and we have now catapulted our kitchen into the 21st century. Mummy thinks the dishwasher is fantastic but I’m not so sure as it’s shrunk one of my sisters water bottles.

I’m really looking forward to the Christmas holidays as we have loads of fun things planned and we are spending lots of time with our horses and friends.

My favourite book this Millie’s Magical Christmas as it’s all about The Shetland Grand National at Olympia and all the proceeds from the book will go to my friend Lucy Aspell’s appeal for Bob Champion’s Cancer Trust