Sunday Schooling

The Queen of the Forelock Family is called ‘One Lady.‘ She’s a very forthright KWPN (Dutch Warmblood) and she is far more of a Madam than she is a Lady! Her name, I think, comes from the fact that she has one white sock, but it’s quite amusing to give her a ‘middle’ name depending on her mood or behaviour. When I arrived at the yard this afternoon with the intention of riding, I was greeted by ‘One Muddy Lady‘ Lady has yet been clipped so is very hairy and there were huge clumps of mud and grass clinging on to almost every strand of hair.


Grooming with a rubber curry-comb (for any non-horsey people,this is not an indian delicacy), created ginormous clouds of mud dust, most of which went down the sleeve of my hoody, but when the saddle came out Lady quickly turned into ‘One Grumpy Lady‘ Madam had been dreaming of a big hay-net, a clean rug and dinner, so was quite surprised to see the saddle and made her disdain very apparent. But off to the school we went.

There wasn’t a mounting block in the school. just a very wobbly plastic chair. Getting on from the chair was extremely tricky and it would have helped if Madam had stood still for more than half a second! Once on, we worked on walking in a straight-line, followed by riding into and around corners. However this proved far more difficult than anyone could imagine for a mature horse and a rider that should know better! Lady had turned into ‘One Spooky Lady


Our performance wasn’t helped by Tinkey Winkey the yard cat, following us into the school, strutting her stuff along the boards and Bobby, one of two goats, sticking his head through the hedge and because the surface was still wet after all the rain, it was clear to see where we were going wrong.


So, thinking that walking around corners was a little too advanced for today, we tried walk to halt and would you believe it, Lady performed that beautifully, so we decided to finish on a good note ‘One Clever Lady‘ !