Half-term visit to the Grandparents

What is a visit to your Grandparents like for you?

For many it’s a place where you can play, make a mess, make lots of noise and get treats for being good. It’s a haven, where you get to chose what to do and where to go. You feel like a celebrity, the red carpet has been rolled out and granny and gramps are there to make your time with them the best time ever!

Your Mum and Dad look disgruntled, probably wishing that their parents (your grandparents) were as attentive, when they were children. But when they were your age, their parents were working, tired and stressed when they got home and struggled for ideas to keep  their children entertained every evening and weekend, never-mind throughout the school holidays.

At home, if you and your siblings can do anything to amuse yourselves quietly, that’s often a great relief to your stressed out, busy parents. However this usually involves an electronic device of some kind. Children need to interact, whether that’s with other children, grown ups, animals or the tv and will search out people and/or animals who want to interact with them.  Guiding and encouraging children to interact in the right way, with the right people, animals and/or content can be difficult and time consuming, but with a Forelock Book you can be confident that the person reading it is going on a journey that is exciting, that they will be meeting and engaging with a whole range of characters, that they will be gaining knowledge and learning to interact with people of all ages, from a variety of backgrounds.

So come on, get your grandchildren reading, spend time reading with them, then encourage them to read alone and sit back and watch them grow!

Pony Tails

Here Susan Jameson is reading from her book ‘Pony Tails’ suitable for all ages.