Who is Forelock’s favourite Mum?

Mum !!! How often do you hear or say this each day?

With it being Mother’s Day this Sunday, we thought we’d ask, who your favourite Mum is from the Forelock Books range?

Here are some of the mothers we think are very special:

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One Good Turn‘ – Bethany’s ultra-supportive mum, Harriet. Bethany and her mother have moved to Cornwall and Bethany is finding it hard to fit it. Everyone at school has known each other since they were at nursery and there doesn’t appear to be room for a city girl, who knows nothing about ponies and how to ride.

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The Welsh Cob‘ – Pony club Mum, Mrs Miles, runs around after Clare, making sure she and her pony have everything they need, ensuring that they are where they should be, at the right time. Clare tries hard and helps out, but she relies on MUM all the time, without her, she and Sandy would be in a right pickle!!

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Pony Racer’  – Mrs Heaven, Tom’s foster mother, is not in the least bit glamorous, she is usually covered in horse hair and mud, but she is patient, caring, funny and fair.

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‘Beside Me’ – Corrine Philby’s mother just wants the best for her. Corrine doesn’t think her mum understands her, but her mum works very hard to give Corrine the things she needs. Mrs Philby wants her to grow up not having to struggle for money and in her eyes that means, NOT looking for a career with horses!

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Spirit and the Magic Horsebox – We are told very early on that Megan’s mother has died, but as you read on, you begin to realise that she is with Megan at every turn, protecting and advising her as she gets deeper and deeper into danger!

Is there another ‘Mum’ in one of the Forelock stories that you think is the best, or is YOUR Mum the best?

What is the best thing about your mum?